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Grampians Champions – Hangin Out with Earl

There are many glorious activities to partake in around the Grampians, so here is our first interview with a fantastic local business owner Earl, encouraging individuals to get outdoors!

Easy mannered, experienced, professional, and extremely skilled Earl has a wealth of local, historical, environmental and cultural knowledge of the Gariwerd landscape and its people. With his caring and energetic personality Earl manages to create a safe and extremely encouraging environment to explore one’s limits and allowing to push beyond. Most, if not all, leave this outdoor experience invigorated, energised and empowered.

“Earl encourages people to go higher and further, by allowing them to change their mindset away from fear. A highly transformative experience”

Earl, on a daily basis is so closely ‘in touch’ with nature. He has been smart enough to make it his office! Earl has deep respect for this stunning landscape and its people. I couldn’t think of anyone more suitable to open these series.


How long has your business been operating, and who are your customers?

Now in it’s 22nd year, Hangin’ Out has been providing Rock Climbing Abseiling and Adventure Walk™️ experiences to visitors since 2001. Our customers and groups are very diverse. From 3yrs old to over 70yrs young have enjoy hangin’ out with us. We cater to school groups, social and corporate, Uni/Tafe groups, emergency services, Disability support and charity to name a few.

What kind of services do you offer, and which one is the most popular? 

Hangin’ Out has provided a very wide range of services over the years. Apart from our most booked tours including the Rock-Climbing/Abseiling sessions to the many visitors to Gariwerd, we provide an amazing Adventure Walk™️. This day adventure allows for customers to see some very thrilling aspects as we walk, (scramble/climb and abseil) to experience the ridgeline over Mt Stapylton (Gunigalg) and provide interesting knowledge and information about the area. We also provide tutorials for Rock Climbing/Abseiling to recreational climbers and TAFE groups and cater to corporate by providing more catered itineraries.

How does Hangin Out benefit the community?

Locally Hangin’ Out has provided many people in the local community their first climbing/abseil experience as we have generated a very trustworthy and professional reputation over the years. My business has become highly regarded helping many people conquer their fear. This achievement is just as nourishing to the participants as it is to me or any of the guides I’ve employed. Hangin’ Out has helped our local industry greatly over the years by providing visitors with another very rewarding and safe Grampians/Gariwerd experience, adding to the professional services found in the area.

Where is your favourite place to Rock Climb?

There are a couple of sites we use regularly that are mind blowing. However if you made me choose just one, it would have to be at our local Crag on the Wonderland Range near Halls Gap as the quality of climbing routes and the 22 Meter abseil are set in an intimate setting with an incredible view looking over the valley below. On a clear day you can see so far, the curvature of the planet is evident!

What is your top tip to those out there who are thinking about rock climbing but unsure it is for them?

Mmmm, everyone needs something different, however, Rock climbing or Abseiling is non bias, come with a good attitude and you leave feeling proud of yourself. Paired with our knowledge and instruction, you just give it your best shot and you’ll be super happy with your achievements. Just like life really!

And for the kiddies, as long as they can fit into a harness, it’s never too young to start. Self confidence, self belief and self realisation are all key benefits in our personal development and are most definitely the greatest rewards and easily found, when challenging ourselves on the cliff faces.

How would you like to grow in the future?

This is a good question. After 22 years in the business, I have “fallen” into a role that best suits me. I love assisting people through the challenges, I love providing necessary information to assist in the conservation of this amazing landscape and feeling like I’m making a positive difference to people’s lives and to the planet. I think as I age, I would like to continue to build on what nourishment I provide to people in the outdoors and keep enjoying the landscape that gives me so much nourishment also.

Rock on, Earl.


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