Pet-Friendly Accommodation

If you’re looking for pet-friendly accommodation in the Grampians, look no further! Grampians Getaway is the ideal place for you.

We would be more than happy to welcome you and your dog!

We all need a holiday every once in a while, and dogs too benefit greatly from spending some time away with their owners.

Dogs pick up on our moods, so spending time with them on holiday when we're relaxed, helps them relax too. Win-win!


Grampians Getaway has several features that make it a unique destination and a must-visit for you and your dog.

Private Lake!

Dogs are not allowed into the National Park, so there are limited opportunities for them to run around…
Here at Grampians Getaway, we have a 6-acre lake where you and your dog can enjoy a swim, play, run around, stretch the legs, go all out, shake it off, flap the ears…

Private fenced enclosure!

Knowing that your dog is in a safe environment means you can have peace of mind.

Walking Trail

Enjoy a walk all the way from the Halls Gap Hotel to Lake Bellfield on a walking trail that stretches for 8km.

Close to dog-friendly venues!

View the many local venues that also welcome your dog: Your dog's happy space - the Grampians way


Some housekeeping rules

Dogs are not allowed in the National Park and cats are prohibited in general in Halls Gap and surrounds.

Please be considerate towards our other guests and do not cause any disruption. Make sure your dog is always under your control.

Dogs are allowed inside the cabins but must not be allowed on the furniture, so please bring your own pet bed.

Dogs are not allowed onto carpeted areas.

Do not lock your pet inside the cabin while you are out, instead leave it in the fenced enclosure and make sure toe leave plenty of water.

We do not take responsibility for pets left in the fenced enclosure; you must do so at your own risk. If your pet could jump or escape the fenced area please reconsider your movements.

Constant barking and/or howling is not acceptable. Complaints from nearby residents and guests will be referred directly to the owners.

Please check and clean up any messes left by your pets before you leave.

A fee of $5.00 per dog per day will be applicable to cover any additional cleaning time.

If you have a pet that is not a dog, please check with us before booking.

If you have a pet allergy but would love to have a holiday in the Grampians please consider Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park.