Life is an adventure!
The goal: to flourish to our fullest potential.
Passionate about cooking, proud mum and amazing wife!
Terrible baker.
Special interest: gut health
Blunt and super honest.
Passionate about the Grampians.
In love with Molly the border collie pup
Grew up in Holland
Favourite country visited: Jordan

Grampians Champions – Liana from The Solar Outpost

It forever fascinates me how people fall onto your path exactly at the right time. Liana reached out recently to see if I would have any interest in offering mobile massage to our guests at Grampains Getaway. That was a “no brainer”! A straight YES PLEASE from me. And how lucky I was, when she wanted me to experience her massage style for myself. Liana has a beautiful soul and beautiful hands. She has a background in neuroscience and is passionate about assisting people to live a happy and fulfilled life. PURE BLISS.

How long has your business been operating, and who are your customers?

The Solar Outpost has been operating for just under 2 months (end of August, 2022). It is supported by mostly Northern Grampians locals and a portion of guests visiting the area.

What kind of services do you offer, and which one is the most popular?

I predominantly offer massage treatments and I am gradually introducing coaching alongside it. Remedial/Relaxation massage treatments are most popular.

How does The Solar Outpost benefit the community?

It really enhances the wellbeing of the community. Massage lets you unwind and release what we call the ‘bad stuff’. Releasing that ‘bad stuff’ and muscular tension leaves room to be filled for more inspiring things. The Solar Outpost provides space to have a connection to ourselves and in turn, connection with others in our community.

With coaching, we all deserve to live a life we love. The more aligned we are with that, the happier we will be. The happier a person, the more connections they make, creating a stronger community.

Where has been your favourite location you have provided a massage?

Any massage that someone receives outdoors is a favourite one. My most recent was at Wildlife Cabins in Halls Gap. No music playing – just listening to the trees swaying and the birds singing.

What is magnetic mind coaching? How would you like to grow in the future?

I help people live a life they love. I help them explore what sparks their joy and receive clarity in what helps them live a life they love every day. We use a process called the Magnetic Mind Method that helps remove resistance. I would love to see it grow in the future as something everyone embodies throughout their day. Who doesn’t want to live a life they love?


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