Life is an adventure!
The goal: to flourish to our fullest potential.
Passionate about cooking, proud mum and amazing wife!
Terrible baker.
Special interest: gut health
Blunt and super honest.
Passionate about the Grampians.
In love with Molly the border collie pup
Grew up in Holland
Favourite country visited: Jordan

Grampians Champions – Stacey Rees from Stacca Gallery!

If anybody lives by living life to their fullest potential it is Stacey Rees! By following her passion and purpose, setting goals and taking daily action with focused attention Stacey is now a well known contemporary abstract artist based right here in Gariwerd. I have been so fortunate to see Stacey evolve and I absolutely love that she is able to stay so true to herself. I am delighted I was able to purchase one of her original art pieces in 2021, which is now featured in pyramid 3 at Grampians Getaway. Stacey has her own local art studio which she open to the public several times a year.
Follow her work on Instagram @stacca_studio_gallery and @_staceyrees_

What inspires you about this area?

My studio is set up in amongst the bushland and looks out to the Gariwerd mountain range. It’s in a fairly peaceful spot so that’s what I use as my inspiration. I have complete isolation and that’s how I work really efficiently.

What is your background in Art?

I’ve always been creative since a young age. Experimenting with many different mediums throughout the years. I worked with oils for a long time until I lashed out and bought some really good quality acrylics and have not looked back since. I completed a diploma in design at RMIT in 2002 and have since then worked my way up to where I am today.

I exhibit at Modern Times, Fitzroy and Saint Cloche Sydney, who I’m represented by.

I’ve had many group and solo exhibitions in Victoria and NSW and have my paintings included in many national and international private collections.

My recent Sydney show was also featured in The Design Files.

What else is important to you in your life and career?

I’m so lucky to live in this area with my family and friends. It’s a pretty special place I love nothing more than living simply and stress free here with our dogs and kids! What’s important mostly, is pretty much keeping everything simple. A cup of tea in the morning watching the sun rise and listening to nature wake up is what gets me pumped for the day!! 😄

How do you interact with the community and tourists around The Grampians?

I’m just in the process of opening my space as an ‘open studio’ to the public on most public holiday long weekends, or when the signs are out…

I have an Instagram account under stacca_studio_gallery Where I’ll post my next opening which I’m looking at during the Melbourne Cup long weekend!

I’ll also be found on ‘The Grampians Way’ website and on their much anticipated ‘Route 222’ road map for the eastern Grampians region.

Do you have any special projects that you are working on right now?

I’m doing a few commission pieces at the moment for some clients. I have a couple of group exhibitions in Melbourne at the end of the year and soon I’ll be working on a series of abstract Gariwerd landscapes that I hope to have available later in the year and possibly a small exhibition of the series early next year.

When and where do you like to create your art?

I work out of my studio. I’ve been renovating the space over the past couple of years to a point where I’m able to showcase my work to the public. Half the space is opened up as gallery and the other half is still dedicated to my working studio. I create whenever I can! Most days I’m at the studio working. I try to ‘create’ everyday, it’s something I pretty much do without even realising!

Check out Stacey’s amazing work at

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